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ARTSM to join forces with Safer Highways to champion road worker safety

Association for Road Traffic Safety and Management (ARTSM) have become the second trade body to enter into a joint working agreement with Safer Highways after the announcement of the RSTA.

Safer Highways and ARTSM will work together collaboratively to communicate the work of the members of both organisations in this area and the wider highways sector as well as further the work of the Safer Highways led Stamp It Out Campaign which is looking to eradicate road worker abuse and seek a change in the law to classify highways workers as key workers. Both organisations will work towards not only driving awareness but also strong leadership, effective communication and best practice at all levels in the sector.

The move follows a clear intention by Safer Highways to ensure that its vision for safer road workers, safer road user, is applied to the local as well as the strategic highway network.

Commenting on the arrangement, Kealie Franklin, General Sectary& Administrator of the ARTSM said:

“From very early conversations many weeks ago with the Safer Highways team it became apparent that we had many shared values around road worker safety. When the opportunity to formalise this partnership became a possibility naturally it was something we wished to progress with. Collaboratively all of our aims are to get people home safety at the end of each day and by working together with the united voice we can achieve this more effectively.”

Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways said:

"We welcome the opportunity to work with such a proactive and forward-thinking organisation such as ARTSM and I am pleased to see safety, health and wellbeing is an important part of its strategy moving forward. As with everything in our industry collaboration and open conversations are key to keeping our people safe.”

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