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Amey trials biofuels to reduce emissions by up to 90%

Amey, working with Kent County Council, New Era Fuels and their partner Green Biofuels is set to trial biofuels across its Highways maintenance fleet, to help improve its environmental performance on Kent roads, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90%.

The biofuel trial will involve the use of Green D + HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil), which is predominantly used as cooking oil. Gd+ HVO is an enhancement of HVO, achieved by the inclusion of an additive system which chemically reduces NOx in the exhaust gases through oxidisation.

The environmental benefits of using Gd+ HVO include:

  • Up to 90% less carbon dioxide

  • Up to 86% reductions in PM25 and PM10

  • Up to 30% reductions of NOx

  • Odourless and clean burning reducing the black smoke that is emitted from vehicle tailpipes

Nicola Blake, Amey Account Director in Kent, said: “The teams at our Ashford depot are excited to be involved in the biofuel trial that has the potential to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%. At Amey we’re committed to continually improving our impact on the environment. By working in collaboration with Kent County Council, New Era Fuels and their partners Green Biofuels, we’re able to trial new innovations and find alternative ways of working that help to us achieve zero emission transport.”

For the most effective output, Gd+ HVO is best used in vehicles with euro6 engines. This type of engine can be found in Kent’s winter maintenance and gritting vehicles. – it can be used in all engines conforming to EN15940 and is a direct replacement for diesel.

Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, David Brazier, said: “Finding cleaner and more efficient ways of powering our fleets of vehicles is key to reaching our future goals for the environment. “Our participation in this trial is leading the way to helping us understand how we, and other local authorities around the country, can improve the sustainability of our services.”

During the first four weeks of the trial daily emission testing will be carried out to understand how much carbon, particulates and NOx have been reduced.

To find out more about how Amey is driving forward its green ambitions visit, Climate Change ( follow Amey on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversations using #COP26 #RaceToZero #DrivingGreenAmbition.

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