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Amey to drive net zero and decarbonisation across the NHS

Amey is partnering with NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) to decarbonise the NHS’s transport infrastructure.

The full life-cycle engineering provider has today announced it will drive decarbonisation through investment in sustainable transport including active travel, micro-mobility and electric vehicles.

Central to Amey’s offer will be data-led asset management, including implementing new technology to reduce carbon and improve air quality. Amey will also use its mobile network data capability to drive decision making and change travel patterns across the network.

The news comes following Amey’s appointment to the NHS SBS’s Sustainable Transport & Infrastructure framework, specifically focusing on Lot 1: Sustainable Transport Consultancy. The NHS, the publicly funded health service in the UK, has extensive transport footprint, carrying people and freight each day across its thousands of sites nationally. It accounts for 4% of the nation's total carbon footprint, and according to NHS England, emissions from travel and transport account for 14% of its overall carbon footprint.

NHS SBS’s senior category specialist for construction and infrastructure, Anjub Ali, said: "This second generation framework has been renewed in line with NHS Green Travel Plans and developed in conjunction with NHS Sustainability, Estates and Procurement colleagues. The aim is to provide a range of sustainable transport services and infrastructure that supports the NHS, and wider public sector to lower carbon outputs and achieve carbon net zero targets. "

Speaking on the announcement, Alex Gilbert, Managing Director – Consulting, Amey said “We are delighted to have been appointed to the NHS SBS’s Sustainable Transport & Infrastructure framework. The NHS has an extensive and critical transport network that millions of people depend on each day. The development and delivery of net zero and decarbonisation strategies is essential to ensuring this network is sustainable now and for the future. Amey will bring its advisory & analytics expertise to the NHS and the wider public sector to not only design, implement and integrate the best possible transport infrastructure, but also to drive a fundamental shift in behaviours and embed a greener way of thinking across the NHS.”

In its 'Net Zero Travel and Transport Strategy' the NHS has said that come 2033, staff travel emissions will be reduced by 50% through shifts to more sustainable forms of travel and electrification of personal vehicles. From 2030, all new ambulances will be zero emission vehicles. From 2040, all owned, leased and commissioned vehicles will be zero emission.

The Sustainable Transport & Infrastructure framework will provide the necessary infrastructure to achieve these ambitions and runs until 2027.

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