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Amey’s transport business pipeline strengthened by £500m

Over the course of 2022, Amey’s Transport Infrastructure business has secured over £500m of new work with existing and new clients, to increase its forward order book to £4.1bn, enabling the business to further invest in local communities and inspire future engineers.

Strengthening its presence in the strategic highways market, Amey secured a new highways maintenance contract with Transport Scotland, complementing its existing relationships in south west Scotland and on the 30-year Scottish Roads Partnership. Over the next eight years, the local team will manage the motorways, trunk roads, bridges and structures across north east Scotland, identifying enhancements through effective asset management as well as developing customer experience to improve journey time reliability for road users.

Amey continues to extend its partnerships with local authorities across the country, providing a range of services. Continuing its relationship with Kent County Council, Amey has built warehousing facilities to support local needs, and has further demonstrated its capabilities in street lighting conversion projects, with over 23,000 street lights in Walsall set to be upgraded to LED. After successfully completing a conversion of 55,000 street lights in Edinburgh, the team won Energy Project of the Year at the Energy Awards 2022 alongside the Council and Currie & Brown.

Amey’s highways capital works programme has progressed with the completion of the i54 Business Park in Staffordshire, and work commencing on the A533 Expressway for National Highways.

Winning work in local communities enables Amey to inspire future generations to work in engineering. One example of this in action is the Challenge Cup – an Amey-developed initiative to encourage girls from underprivileged backgrounds into STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers. Over 300 girls across the UK have taken part during 2022, with more events planned later this year.

With experience stretching from building significant new infrastructure, such as the new Taffs Well Depot which will service the South Wales Metro for Transport for Wales, to operating light rail franchises, Amey’s rail business has continued to build on its strength and depth of capability during 2022. From increased asset inspections and area surveys, to the installation of signalling and overhead line equipment, Amey remains focused on supporting its client’s priorities to improve the capacity and resilience of the UK rail network.

Amey, as part of the Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU West) team, has secured additional work to upgrade the railway between Manchester and Leeds. A major railway programme, TRU will improve connectivity in the north of England providing faster, more reliable services for passengers.

Peter Anderson, Managing Director of Transport Infrastructure, said: “We recognise infrastructure plays a huge part in the decisions everyone makes every day. Our highways and railways are integral to how everyone gets to work, visits friends and family and supports local community needs. It also offers a wealth of opportunities for employment and personal development, positive environmental impact and helps economic recovery. Working with our clients across the UK, we are committed to creating local solutions built on our technical knowledge and operational experience, which enable every community to thrive.”

Recognising the impact Amey has in local areas, all contracts and projects integrate social impact activities into everything they do. Amey’s recently published Social Impact Report for 2021, showed it had spent 74% with SMEs, engaged over 4,700 young people through schools and outreach programmes, supported more than 80 veterans with employment or mentoring and welcomed 89 new apprentices to the business.

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