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Amey reappointed as National Highways Digital Lab DeliveryPartner with a track record in delivering an estimated £30m+ savings

Amey has been reappointed as a delivery partner to National Highway’s Digital Lab following the delivery of c.£30m savings over three years.


Since 2020, Amey has been supporting National Highways on its digital transformation by accelerating data-driven approaches across all directorates. Central to the partnership is the development of internal Decision Support Tools in areas such as maintenance and planning that move the organisation from reactive ways of working to predictive maintenance, improving efficiency, and saving money.


Speaking on the announcement, National Highways Head of Digital Lab, Kamran Ashraf, said, “We are on an incredible journey to provide truly digital services and experiences and there is a great combination of technology, data, and talent available to realise our full potential for our customers and communities. We are focused on optimising performance of the Strategic Road Network, our critical national infrastructure, and improving safety, saving lives, supporting the UK’s economic engine, and achieving net zero targets. Amey’s combination of digital consulting services and industry knowledge is a great fit with the Digital Lab and has enabled us to collaboratively deliver tangible value across the organisation.”


Alex Gilbert, Managing Director – Consulting, Amey, said, “We are delighted our established partnership with National Highways will continue with this recent contract award, embracing data-driven decision-making and fostering a data-centric culture for England’s strategic roads network. By optimising decision making, we can move from being reactive, to holistic approaches, predictive and targeted planning, improving efficiency, saving money and ultimately providing a more sustainable road network for the travelling public”.


Examples of Amey’s capability in delivering Decision Support Tools include the:

·      Incident Support Tool for management of highways incidents by National Highways' National Traffic Operations Centre. The tool simulates different incident management scenarios, enabling enhanced decisions in real-time to ease congestion in a safe and effective manner, that minimises delays and costs to the public

·      Optimised Working Windows Tool that has been adopted for forward-planning of roadworks. It predicts traffic features affecting road access, presenting results for decision support so that schemes across the network can be delivered safely with reduced disruption and costs to road users

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