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Amberon TM | Social value forum delivers company policy to benefit local communities

Leading Traffic Management provider Amberon have created a company-wide Social Value Forum to further enhance ways in which they can give back where it really matters.

Amberon have always placed huge value on engaging with its local communities, providing local employment opportunities and carrying out significant work to improve the environment.

Social Value Forum

With the company ethos firmly set, and a long history of social value holding an important place in the company’s heart, Amberon has now created a Social Value Forum – an initiative which sees the company formalise its social value activity and strategically plan and deliver its future offerings.

Part of the Social Value Forum is the development of a company social value policy, which underpins the ethos and objectives that Amberon strives to achieve, using the forum to generate the ideas and plans for how the business will reach those deliverable objectives.

Managing Director of Amberon, Terry Musson told us:

“Our people, their families and their communities are all incredibly important to us, as they all form part of our Amberon family and community. Spanning a number of years, the company has come together with organisations within its communities in a number of ways including school initiatives, various charity donations and local sports club aid as it continues to give back.

“As we now move forward with the development of our Social Value Forum, I am delighted that our Marketing & Commercial lead Robyn Webb will sit in the role of Social Value Champion, and drive our policy objectives via the forum, as we take further strides as a business in the area of social value.”

Social Value Initiatives

The social value initiatives will focus on four key areas of social value and each has its own designated Amberon leader:

  • Community, led by Robyn Webb

  • Sustainability, led by HSEQ Manager Jeff Quimby

  • People, led by HR Manager Christina Scant

  • Supply Chain, led by Procurement Manager Magda Brace

The Social Value team are working their way through over 100 ideas for initiatives, only highlighting the amount of importance and investment that is going into the forum itself. Factor in that Amberon operates in 30 localities across England and Wales and it is evident that many communities are reaping the benefits of a company that takes pride in its social value provisions.

As mentioned earlier by Terry, Robyn Webb will be overseeing the workings of the forum and the development and implementation of the policy in her role as Amberon’s Social Value Champion. We asked Robyn what’s on the agenda, as well as how the forum will operate in order to meet its objectives:

“Amberon is a company that already places so much emphasis on people, community and sustainability” Robyn told us.

“However, we are developing a more formal and strategic approach to how this will be delivered. Key stakeholders within the business are always full of ideas and concepts that could aid our people, supply chain or communities, and where possible we aim to bring those ideas to life.

“With that said, a more measured, strategic approach will enable us to collate and approach all initiatives in a more structured way, boost efficiency and as a result – the delivery of our targets.

“The development of our social value forum means we have our own social value guidelines upholding the values we hold and the manner in which we do things, and our continued monthly forum meetings create an ongoing framework for long term success.”

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