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Amberon TM - Department for Work and Pensions collaboration to see hundreds of jobs created

Amberon TM & the CPJ Group (CPJ) are working in partnership with both Jobcentre Plus and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) in a bid to address the Skills Gaps in the Traffic Management sector.

Kickstart funding has been applied for to allow 16–24-year-olds access to sustainable employment and Flexible Support Funding is being used for the over 25 age group.

Both Amberon TM & CPJ are collaborating with the Green Skills Partnership (GSP) on Sector Work Academy Programmes (SWAP) funded by DWP via low value procurement, in identifying skills gaps in the Civil Engineering & Infrastructure sectors.


For Amberon, the objective is clear; Provide opportunities within the sector by widening its recruitment pool, and with it, bring a wider diversity of people into the business at a time where TM as an industry is experiencing a skills shortage.

Operating from 32 Depots across the UK, Amberon is utilising its partnership with the CPJ to recruit in each and every one of it’s depot localities, as well as providing opportunities at all levels of TM operative.


With paramount importance on providing quality, CPJ facilitates a standard induction which all candidates must complete before they undertake any industry specific training.

A major part of the influence on strong levels of industry support is that all candidates are D&A tested using an intelligent fingerprinting system before they start training. CPJ also include a session within its induction to ensure candidates entering the industry know that testing is a part of their working life and are made aware of the consequences of refusal or a failure after they start work.

CPJ work on the basis that every job in Traffic Management provides up to 4 entry level jobs inside the traffic cones. The customers Amberon supply can also benefit from the Pre-Employment Programmes that have been developed for Highways, Water, 5G Broadband, Gas, Telecoms, Electricity and other sectors as a result.

300 in 12

Amberon is officially now in national partnership with the Department for Workplace and pensions on this scheme, and the rollout has begun.

Candidates are soon to be selected, meet their respective depot managers and commence their training etc.

Amberon aims to create around 300 jobs over the next 12 months through this scheme as the company commits to growth in each of it’s localities.

Amberon MD Terry Musson told us:

“We have ambitious, yet achievable targets when it comes to job creation over the next 12-months. This is a thriving sector and with the last year proving challenging for many, we feel that it’s to the benefit of everyone to step up our recruitment nationwide and bring new blood into both Amberon, as well as the highways sector as a whole.

“We look forward to getting started with this scheme after some extensive planning and behind the scenes work.”

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