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Almost 250 people have applied for tickets for the Mental Health Summit

Nearly 250 people have already applied for tickets for the Mental Health Summit, taking place on December 2nd at the House of Lords, the same day as the recently launched Highways Heroes Awards.

Organisers, Safer Highways are urging anyone else in the sector that wants to attend the annual event, where the results of the 2021 Thriving at Work survey report will be announced, have until July 31st to register.

But those unable to get a ticket can watch the proceedings on the Safer Highways YouTube channel which is expected to attract over 500 industry professionals.

The event will play host to a number of guests that will not only analyse the results of the 2021 Thriving at Work report but once again present the latest thinking on how the industry can raise the bar on the provision of workplace mental health support.

Safer Highways launched this year’s survey in May, the third to once again consider the standards of provision around mental health in the workplace.

Last year the organisation sampled the 250 of the biggest organisations who work, not only on the strategic road network, but also who serve to maintain local roads to establish where the sector sits against the government’s Thriving at Work report – published in 2017.

But this year, Safer Highways has signalled its intentions to widen its ambitions. “As time moves on and standards improve we also recognise the need to take the survey further and indeed to benchmark ourselves against other sectors. That is why this year’s survey will do exactly that,” said Kevin Robinson, Chief Executive of Safer Highways. “I’m really pleased with the response to the sector wanting both tickets to attend the Mental Health Summit on December 2nd but also my thanks go to those companies that have completed the survey so far. I urge others to so, safe in the knowledge that we are really making a difference in the highways sector around provision of mental health in the workplace.”

Sponsored by Morgan Sindall Infrastructure, Safer Highways has now been able to develop a new tool to not only vertically cross-slice the highways sector but also horizontally make a base line comparison between ourselves and other sectors which include Aviation, Rail, Maritime, Utilities, Construction, Fleet and Logistics and indeed extend itsreach into the pharmaceutical and secondary education sectors with the ambitious goal being to effectively be able to benchmark the entire UK plc over the coming years.

“This has been developed in collaboration with our partners at Mind and, we hope, will provide an opportunity for organisations to begin the process of effecting real change around mental health instantaneously and not months down the line. We hope, in some way, that this will contribute to a continuous improvement in not only awareness but also organisations approach to workplace mental health.” Mr Robinson added.

Within seconds of completing the survey and adding contact details, the user will be emailed a comprehensive report which can be presented right unto board level as to how you, as an organisation can effect real organisational change.

Please click here on the Link and complete the survey.

Please click here to apply for a ticket at the Mental Health Summit on December 2nd.

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