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Alex Vaughan, Chief Executive Officer at Costain welcomes the UK energy strategy

Alex Vaughan, Chief Executive Officer at Costain welcomes the UK energy strategy, published today.

“With the publication of the government’s energy strategy, we see further commitment to achieving a net zero economy in the UK. We support the focus on hydrogen and nuclear as part of the UK’s energy transition and the need to use our existing energy infrastructure network and call on industry and cross-party government to work collaboratively with us to develop a long-term approach to energy infrastructure.

At Costain, we’re actively shaping the UK’s energy landscape to effect this change.

  • We’re decarbonising industrial clusters in South Wales, Scotland, Merseyside, and the East coast

  • We’re working with the Department for Transport to explore electric road systems

  • We’re helping water companies generate hydrogen from sewage waste

  • We’re developing carbon capture and storage schemes

  • We believe nuclear offers great opportunities for reliable, low carbon power, and we can use our deep heritage and expertise to support this.

We look at the bigger picture, take a systemised approach and work with communities to develop resilient and reliable low carbon energy ecosystems. Together we can create the connected, sustainable infrastructure to help people and the planet to thrive. “

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