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Aggregate Industries launches the industry’s first carbon reporting tool

Leading sustainable building materials supplier, Aggregate Industries, has launched Your Carbon Report, the construction industry’s first fully customisable carbon reporting tool that provides complete visibility of the carbon footprint of its products used by customers in building and infrastructure projects.

The new carbon reporting tool produces a report using data from across Aggregate Industries’ business areas to provide a comprehensive cradle to site assessment. The tool looks at the whole manufacturing process, from raw material extraction to transportation, to provide a full and accurate carbon assessment of the products.

The report can be generated quickly, from request to supply, and allows customers the flexibility to interrogate the data to identify where future carbon savings can be made. To give assurance to customers that the solution includes all necessary material flows and is in line with industry best practice, all data in the carbon reporting tool is independently audited by Circular Ecology.

Kirstin McCarthy, Sustainability Director at Aggregate Industries, comments: “As a business, we are committed to driving carbon reduction across our operations while also collaborating and developing innovative low carbon solutions to help contribute to a more sustainable construction industry.

“Our research shows us that low carbon is the most important area of sustainability for our customers. We’re seeing an increasing number of whole year data requests to set a baseline to reduce CO2. To date, this has always been done manually using various product carbon footprinting tools and generic databases.

“In response, we wanted to develop an automated system, increase accuracy and meet the growing demand, while also providing customers with an audit trail for complete transparency. Our new tool, Your Carbon Report, offers exactly this – and we believe it is an industry first.

“With the launch of Your Carbon Report, customers can now see the carbon of our products used in their project, but we can also collaborate to help them identify further opportunities to lower their carbon footprint in the future.”

Aggregate Industries’ new carbon reporting tool is available across its ready-mix concrete, concrete products, asphalt, aggregates and bagged cement. To find out more, visit the Your Carbon Report page.

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