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Aggregate Industries’ Launches New Eco-Friendly Concrete Block Range

  • Leading construction materials supplier has launched its new ‘Masterblock Eco’ range with two new products; Masterlite Pro Eco and Masterdenz Eco

  • New products offer a minimum 30% carbon reduction but same performance properties as standard blocks

  • Designed to help local authorities, housebuilders and self-builders to create more sustainable builds

Continuing to lead the way on low carbon construction materials, Aggregate Industries has introduced its brand new ‘Masterblock Eco’ range, featuring two new concrete block products to help local authorities, housebuilders and self-builders achieve more sustainable builds.

Boasting at least a 30% carbon reduction compared to standard blocks, both Masterlite Pro Eco and Masterdenz Eco are manufactured using 20% non-primary materials – all while offering the same structural performance.

The new products will be made to order at Aggregate Industries’ North End site, near Cirencester.

Although both are available in a solid format with a standard strength of 7.3 N/mm2, Masterlite Pro Eco has enhanced thermal efficiency properties, with a conductivity range of 0.57 W/mK internally and 0.61 W/mK externally. Masterlite Pro Eco is also available in either standard or paint grade finish.

100% recyclable to reduce the amount of materials sent to landfill, both Masterlite Pro Eco and Masterdenz Eco are suitable for use in either internal or external walls – making them ideal for plastered or rendered surfaces; with Masterlite Pro Eco also ideal for direct decoration as well as locations where a consistent close textured face is required.

The launch of the Masterblock Eco range comes as Aggregate Industries responds to rising demand for sustainable construction materials as local authorities, housebuilders and self-builders come under pressure to meet stricter carbon reduction targets.

Gary Walsh, General Manager for Building Products at Aggregate Industries UK, comments: “We’re determined to be at the forefront of sustainability and have invested heavily in introducing new and innovative low carbon construction materials. Offering a minimum 30% carbon footprint reduction compared to the MasterDenz and Masterlite Pro concrete blocks and made using non-primary materials, Masterlite Pro Eco and Masterdenz Eco are just the latest example of this. This is the first step on the journey to reduce the carbon footprint. We have ensured that our new Eco blocks comply with BS EN 771-3, using a recognised blended cement that conforms to BS EN 197-1. Doing this provides our customers with the assurance they are using a block with the proven durability you expect from Masterblock’s current ranges. We hope these solutions will enable our customers - local authorities, housebuilders and the self-build market – to create ever more sustainable structures.”

The new products will join the existing Masterblock family. The flagship portfolio includes concrete block solutions such as Masterlite Pro, Masterlite Pro Fairfaced, Masterlite Ultra, Masterlite Pro Acoustic and Masterdenz.

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