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Aggregate Industries extends its LOOP order tracking service to its RMX concrete customers

Following the launch of Aggregate Industries paperless order tracking platform ‘LOOP’ in 2019, the building materials supplier has carried out over 4 million paperless deliveries saving an estimated 430 tress and 20 tons of CO2.

Now, Aggregate Industries is enhancing its service offering to launch ‘LOOP – Concrete Direct’, providing RMX customers new features and benefits to help simplify the delivery process.

‘LOOP – Concrete Direct’ improves the customer service experience via a downloadable app enabling customers to place, modify, and check orders and delivery information in an instant, saving customers on admin and valuable time. Users can interact with delivery tickets on their own device, seeing real time status updates, test results and comments.

A full report can be downloaded directly from the app, which includes order and ticket information. Customers can also chat to Aggregate Industries’ order takers, download conveyance notes and use the tracking service with accurate delivery timings. LOOP – Concrete Direct also presents a fully integrated digital operation and open API with customers’ internal systems, making ordering quick, easy and hassle-free.

Chris Lynch, business project manager at Aggregate Industries comments: “After the successful launch of LOOP, we’re enhancing our digital system and offering a service that is unmatched in the industry. LOOP – Concrete Direct has been developed to improve our customers’ experience, with everything needed for concrete deliveries easily accessible, whenever and wherever.

“We recommend downloading the app for a smoother ordering experience, streamlined efficiencies and better communication between us and customers. It’s also important to speak to our customer service team after downloading the app so you can activate a phone number against a contract to gain full access.”

For further information and to download the LOOP – Concrete Direct app, please visit Aggregate Industries’ LOOP webpage.

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