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A420: £2m safety investment for high risk road

Over £2 million of government funding will be spent on making one of the England's most high risk roads safer.

Oxfordshire County Council will use the funding to improve safety on the A420.

It says plans are in a very early stage, but would focus on extra protection for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly at junctions.

It's part of a £38.3 million government investment to improve road safety on 17 of the country's most high risk roads.

The council said although the 20 year, £2.2m scheme is in its early stages, potential measures could include:

New and wider cycle lanes

Enhanced pedestrian crossings

Improved visual priority and traffic calming to benefit cycles and pedestrians

Reduction of the speed limit on the A420 between A34 and B4044 junction to 30mph.

A spokesperson said: "Improvements carried out through this funding will be in line with county council priorities, including our commitment to Vision Zero - our ambition to eliminate all road deaths and serious injuries by 2050."

The council added a formal consultation into the plans would be carried out "in due course".

The funding is part of the government's Safer Road Fund, which aims to prevent over 2600 serious incidents over the next two decades.

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