After 15 years of representing the highways maintenance industry, the Highways Term Maintenance Association (HTMA) will cease operating. The Association’s members made this decision following the departure of a number of tier 1 highway maintenance contractors from the organisation.

HTMA has achieved a significant amount for the industry over the years including establishing industry specific price indices, influencing the development of the HMEP standard contracts and establishing senior level engagement across the industry. The Association has also produced and published a collection of guidance and best practice documents across a range of subjects, which have been made freely available to share knowledge and foster best practice, to encourage improved standards and to increase awareness of the diversity of careers and raise the profile of highways maintenance and management.

HTMA has found that in the past couple of years the highways maintenance and management companies have had to deal with many changes in the environment and very little clarity and visibility of what the future holds.

Peter McDermott, chairman of HTMA, cited the change in direction for the organisation in 2018 to be more focused on second tier suppliers, as being part of the underlying reason for key tier 1 companies leaving the Association.

Other collective industry groups have emerged for specific purposes and will provide a channel for the industry to be heard and to represent the industry’s needs and offerings. The establishment of these alternative bodies to represent tier 1 companies has also been a factor that has impacted on HTMA.

Peter thanked the membership of HTMA for their input and support over the years.  He also thanked Joan Roemmele, who has provided secretariat and wider management support to the Association since 2009.  Joan will continue in this role until the Association is formally wound up later in the year.

Peter thanked George Lee for acting as the Association’s Chief Executive since November 2017.

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