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300 reported drivers during four days of action as part of Vision Zero operation across Essex

As a result of four Vision Zero operations, Essex Police RPU officers reported almost 300 drivers for traffic offences to ensure safety on the county’s roads.

Vision Zero is their ambition to eliminate road deaths in the county by 2040 or sooner by tackling the offences that contribute to killed or seriously injured collisions, known as the Fatal Four, by detecting and tackling those who disregard the law.

Over ten days this month, four Vision Zero operations provided high visibility patrols and stops at four locations across the county, including:

  • Clacton – Saturday 10 June

  • Waltham Abbey – Monday 12 June

  • Southend – Tuesday 13 June

  • Castle Point – Tuesday 20 June

Across the four days, those Fatal Four offences – speeding, not wearing seatbelts, mobile phone use whilst driving and drink or drug driving – saw the following numbers of drivers reported:

  • 140 for no seatbelts

  • 20 for speeding

  • 55 for mobile phone offences

  • One arrest for drug driving

They continue to work hard with their partners at Safer Essex Roads Partnership (SERP) to make the roads in Essex safe, to reduce crime on our roads and uphold the law. Vision Zero days highlight to the public that road-related crime won’t be tolerated and show they will take all necessary action to tackle offenders and to remove any risk to other road users.

The four operations also dealt with two vehicles without MOTs, four no driving licence offences, 7 no insurance and where vehicles were seized, a disqualified driver and reported 17 drivers for careless driving.

A number of drivers who were stopped in relation to seatbelt offences, had teenage children in the back of several cars who were “late for school” or “too hot” to wear them!

Road Crime Operational Manager, Samantha Wright, added:

“We’re quick to catch criminals and my officers are focussed on making roads safe for everyone.

“We’ll continue to hold Vision Zero days across the county. We won’t announce where or when they will be, but we will use them to proactively tackle criminality on our roads and we will continue to target those drivers who place others at risk through poor driving decisions, careless driving or by using unroadworthy vehicles.”

At Southend Vision Zero, on 13 June, Southend-on-Sea City Council’s Highway Enforcement Team joined officers and engaged with more than fifteen drivers of commercial vehicles about the need for a Waste Carriers Licence if they carry waste.

Mr Adam Pipe, Head of Roads Policing said:

“We have more officers in Essex Police than ever before and that means more officers dedicated to tackling crime.

“As a force we have over 700 officers trained to do drug swipe tests at the side of the road, meaning that there are more chances that you will be stopped and tested.

“During Vision Zero days we stopped 14 motorists driving dangerous vehicles: because they are unroadworthy, they could contribute to the driver becoming involved in a collision and injuring their own passengers and others.

“It’s important to make sure that you can clearly see through your windscreen, but 16 drivers were asked to remove tints to their windows because they reduce visibility and could force driver errors, something that can be completely avoided by sticking to legal limits for glass and visibility when using your car.”

Last month, SERP launched the Vision Zero Pledge calling on all drivers to pledge their support to the elimination of deaths and serious injuries on the county’s roads.

By signing the pledge drivers will be asked to take action in several ways when using our roads, including careful and considerate driving.

The four operations were in addition to those held at Basildon and Thurrock at the beginning of June which saw five arrests for drink or drug driving and over 200 drivers reported for traffic offences.

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