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10 years of trading as Proud2bSafe

The 6th of April 2021 highlights 10 years of trading as Proud2bSafe.

As we all know, Jason started out delivering his Safety talks under ‘Jason Anker Live’ when he then had his vision of P2BS. He soon discovered this was not just all about him and he knew he wanted to help other speakers like himself and get as many stories out into the world as he could to prevent families having to go through the trauma of a workplace accident.

Jason and Dan Terry initially helped two other ‘fall from height’ accident victims, Dylan Skelhorn and Paul Blanchard, to share their own stories of the impact of their accidents on themselves and their families: both are now highly regarded speakers.

Many years later, Jason and I (Abbi) were introduced to Matt Hazelton, who had dealt with a heart-breaking accident within construction resulting in him losing his two brothers and two good friends. As Matt began speaking about this and sharing his emotional story, the change in Matt was obvious. He had found something he knew was making a difference and soon shared that same vision and passion as Jason and myself. Matt, by his own admission, was broken and although functioning and working, was still struggling with the emotive fallout of the accident. However, with Jason’s support Matt has become a highly respected speaker and he received the ROSPA RISING STAR AWARD WINNER 2017.

We are delighted to now offer the services of other fantastic speakers including Lisa Ramos, James Howard, Sean Toon, Tom Corfield, James Ramsey, and Justin Manley. This means we can now offer talks from a variety of perspectives and a range of topics including senior management, wellbeing and mental health. We also are also currently building relationships with speakers worldwide to be able to offer their services and further viewpoints.

P2BS’ future aim is to continue this journey, helping as many people as we can through the P2BS Academy, helping other accident victims tell their stories.

P2BS are striving to get away from the ‘Don’t be like me’ motivational stories, which even though have a huge initial impact, do not tend to last indefinitely. Therefore, we aim to evolve them into inspirational stories, showing there can be a positive outcome out of something initially so negative and traumatic. With the help of these stories, companies can start to build a positive culture around safety. We believe strongly in a holistic approach to Health, Safety and Well-being and these inspirational stories can play an important role and starting point.

As we continue to help people across the UK, we have recently teamed up with WSH Asia as Safety Ambassadors. Our aim here - by sharing our story and holding monthly podcasts - is to give any individuals the confidence to speak up and share their own stories about any experience of accidents in the workplace across the middle east. Thus, giving someone potentially a new purpose in life.

Since Jason has started re-visiting his story during the Covid-19 lockdowns, we have spoken about things that we went through that we simply had forgotten or probably chosen to forget. These are things that we have never spoken about together and reliving them we did share some tears, but this has helped us both on our continuing journey.

I think for us even though we know the ripple effect does not seem to end, even 28 years after the accident, it still does get to us when we are faced with new situations or events. I think therefore my emotions always come out so strongly when I talk live alongside Jason because it is still so raw in many ways and is something, we must deal with on a daily basis. A current example of this is how my daughter, Elle, is now experiencing some of the things her granddad cannot do - much like I experienced growing up, hence why I still often cry when presenting.

To celebrate 10 years of Proud2bSafe, our achievements so far and to continue to help our new and existing clients we are offering discounts off all live bookings (subject to t&c’s) to help companies during these unprecedented times.

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