Award Winning Highways Workflow Management Software

Since we started helping companies remove paper processes in 2016, we’ve evolved with the needs of our customers to create a full end-to-end workflow management system that gives them the best of both worlds. Easy job management software for admins and users, that automates forms, paperwork and processes that send all the digital data a company could need.

From safety checks to point-of-work risk assessments, Re-flow software supports processes to control the diverse and complex areas of health and safety. The requirement to monitor, manage and maintain the Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality (SHEQ) areas of the software users’ operations has become an essential part of the product offering, alongside the traditional mobile workflow management areas. Our solution also helps our clients increase productivity by putting the full power of the project into the hands of their operatives, so they can handle processes, safe working, and compliance on their own.

Now, any business, where employees are carrying out a job on location, can benefit from Re-flow, because every mobile worker must usually refer to a job spec, log activity and complete forms. Re-flow makes the transfer of this data, between management and worker, instant and paper free and thanks to this, we are now an award winning software company with a raft of clients across the highways sector, using our solutions to digitise their workflow management.

Workflow management software helps facilitate the setup, execution and monitoring of organisation workflows, helping companies get better control of their processes and ensure that both manual and automated workflows work together seamlessly. With Re-flow, you can define different workflows for different types of jobs or processes, automating traditionally paper processes and analysing the data entered to produce reports and flag issues that can enact change in a company’s way of working.

Our software supports our clients in 7 simple steps.

1. Create jobs and tasks
Create and assign tasks to users or groups and include specifications, images, maps, PDFs and routes

2. On-site schedules and maps
Assign map locations in the dashboard, so your staff can see location and route markers for their jobs in the app.

3. Access and complete forms and workflows
Add all kinds of digital forms to your workflows for users to complete on location and return instantly

4. Asset Management
Assign assets, access real-time information, and scan inventory directly into forms

5. Capture, sign and tag
Capture photos, digitally sign off workflows and attach time, date and location stamps

6. Quotes, billing and invoicing
Using information from your Bill of Quantities, quote and invoice customers immediately with Re-flow

7. Receive data and produce reports
Re-flow reports enable Dashboard Users to collate and view the project information and form data in one place