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The insight you need to make journeys work

Clearview Intelligence

The insight you need to make journeys work

The insight you need to make journeys work
We create innovative solutions that harness intelligence to transform operator and driver behaviour, making travel easy, efficient and safe. From highways to parking, we focus on safety for all our customers and through efficient delivery, we deploy the right technology and expertise to keep traffic flowing, reduce congestion and prevent incidents.

Positively impacting behaviour of drivers and operators alike, we solve a range of problems, making journeys fast and reliable by focusing on the key areas of improving Route Safety and enhancing Network Management (including Parking).

Route Safety
We implement effective road safety schemes that are proven to reduce accident rates and save lives. Our aim is to improve the safety of those that use, work on and are affected by the UK's road network.

Network Management 
With the data and analysis we provide, road operators, car park managers and users can make informed decisions. This could be on the environmental impact of a scheme, the efficient use of a network or providing users with improved journey choices.

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