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The Silence is Deafening Webinar to be held in partnership with Eave

15th November 12pm

Our Speakers:

Why now is the time to speak up about a generation of highways workers at risk of early onset dementia.


Those with hearing loss are at greater risk for developing dementia. Why is now the time to speak up about this issue? Deafness is now known to be the largest modifiable risk factor for developing dementia. Preventing or treating hearing loss in middle life has the potential to diminish the incidence of dementia by 9 percent. This has a greater combined impact than quitting smoking and addressing obesity. Safer Highways are delighted to announce that we have partnered up with Eave to bring you a webinar which will help you to find out why now it is essential to talk about the life changing effects of hearing loss. Taking place at 12pm on 15th October. Hear from Dr David Greenberg on why Highways workers are at higher risk for developing occupational deafness and what can be done to safeguard employees from hearing loss and early onset dementia.

Prior to developing and launching the world’s first smart ear defenders at Eave, Dr David Greenberg was an NHS clinical and research audiologist, taught Hearing Science at the UCL Medical School and School of Audiology and received a PhD in Auditory Neuroscience for his published work on the neural mechanisms underlying hearing, deafness and communication.  Eave was founded to prevent avoidable deafness. Eave achieves this by developing tools that assist in the elimination of, and protection from, hazardous sources of noise at work.

Dr David Greenberg | Managing Director, EAVE

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