WJ is the UK’s leading supplier of award winning road markings and specialist highway products and services. 

People, client and supply chain relationships are our strength and together we have evolved WJ into the most successful innovator, manufacturer and provider within our sector.


WJ plan for all operations to be safe, sustainable have minimal social and environmental impact whilst performing profitably.


We are dedicated to permanent and temporary road markings, road studs, high friction and safety surfacing, joint repair, line removal, surface preparation, retexturing, average speed cameras and bespoke equipment.


Road Markings

WJ manufacture high performance low carbon thermoplastic road marking materials in two state of the art plants. Working within a knowledge transfer partnership with the Open University WJ carry out research and development to develop markings for the future. WJ also provide a retroreflectivity surveying service for good asset management and road safety marking performance. 


The award winning range of Weatherline thermoplastics ensures high performance road markings with enhanced characteristics of visibility and durability whilst having the lowest carbon footprint. The Weatherline+ type is ideal for improved wet night visibility and the upgrading of standard markings, especially in high accident risk locations.


WJ we also feature their new Robotic Premarking system with enhanced people plant interface, efficiency and cost savings.


Road Studs

WJ install all types of reflecting road studs with durable 301 and surface applied 290 prismatic. A recent innovation is the patented ALLUX a robust UK manufactured stemmed, highly reflective option to compliment the range. 


WJ in collaboration with Clearview have delivered an award winning scheme for Highways England using SolarLite studs and when used in combination with high performance road markings they provide a real solution for enhanced road safety.


The WJ Guardian system, the latest innovation, is a innovative method of road stud installation designed to remove vulnerable operatives from the carriageway with better people plant interface whilst also providing safer passage for other road users.


Temporary Markings

When it comes to temporary marking on traffic management contracts WJ lead and have the resources to effectively and reliably deliver major schemes especially at night when the majority of work needs to be contracted.


The latest innovation in delivery of temporary road studs is the WJ Contramark System a unique and fully automatic installation method.


High Friction and Safety Surfacing

WeatherGrip, based on Methyl Methacrylate, is a cold applied, durable and colourfast surfacing system ideal for demarcation and traffic calming applications. WeatherGrip can also be used to revitalise existing worn or faded surfacing.

WJ install a range of BBA approved high friction surfacing using high performance bauxite aggregates.



Both mechanical and water systems are used to successfully remove road markings


WJ first identified Hydroblast Ultra high pressure water technology in the United States as the ideal system to deliver a more sustainable solution for the removal of road markings within the UK highways industry.


Hydroblast has been further developed and proven effective for:- 


•       Cleaning  major  fuel spills

•       Rubber removal

•       Decorative aggregate exposure 



Captive Shot Blasting and Hydroblast High Pressure water systems have been particularly useful for Retexturing of asphalt surfaces such as:


•       Restoring macro and micro texture 

•       Fatted up surface dressing 

•       A pre-treatment to surface dressing 

•       Recovering failed texture depth on new surfacing.

Average Speed Cameras

Constantly evolving and growing the business activity WJ also provide road safety measures for temporary traffic management with the installation of Home Office Type Approved (HOTA) Average Speed Technology Cameras.


Thermoplastic Application Equipment

WJ have evolved plant and equipment with numerous safety features and can now supply a range of boilers and hand tools to other contractors. 


Whilst building specialist major road marking application equipment WJ also refurbish all highway maintenance vehicle types to a high standard.


Working with accrediting bodies WJ has not only established an exemplary record in safety and the environment but is also engaging to establish higher levels of safety and sustainable practices. WJ has won a number of industry awards for innovation in behavioural safety and workforce engagement.


Belgium Joint Venture 


WJ collaborate with ACB in Belgium an established manufacture of road marking materials and specialist coating throughout Europe.

Using the strengths of both organisations WJ have produced TopMark a new level of excellence in Preformed Thermoplastic Markings providing a durable option for many highway, car park, industrial and school playground marking applications.

Core Values


Consisting of four sustainable businesses under one single WJ brand we take pride in our distinctive culture and are committed to our core values:   ̴ Delivery   ̴ Safety   ̴ Innovation   ̴ Collaboration.


WJ has always been a company where ‘good enough’ is not good enough and building upon our strengths we now aspire be exceptional in all we do.


Whilst consistently providing high standards on a national basis WJ ensure delivery of unrivalled local service from strategically located UK depots.


WJ is still growing and we are proud of the contribution we are making to the diverse road network in all parts of the UK.


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