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Notify. Smart Health & Safety software for your business.

Notify Technology

Notify. Smart Health & Safety software for your business.

Notify Technology are the pioneering creators of mobile-first health and safety software. Since 2017, the company has been focused on developing simple, smart, secure software that helps organisations manage safety, health, environment and quality compliance – and increase employee engagement. In that time, they have grown a client base in over 100 countries around the globe.

Notify is on a mission to eliminate paper-based processes and transition SHEQ management into the digital sphere. Notify delivers a complete health and safety management package to multinationals, plcs and their SME supply chains.

Notify’s global mission is to make a billion people safer at work. Through their easy-to-use smart health and safety products, Notify IM [Incident Management], Notify AI [Audits & Inspections] and Notify RA [Risk Assessments], the Newcastle-based company makes it easy for clients to configure health and safety reporting and management for their specific business. Smart dashboards provide real time trends and analysis and offer actionable insights.

As an example, with Notify’s smart incident management software, every member of your workforce can report accidents, incidents and near-misses instantly via a mobile app. Managers can investigate reports, create and track corrective and preventative actions, mitigate risks and share learnings - all in real-time.

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