Mobile VMS


Temporary and bespoke traffic control solution providers, Mobile VMS, have a commitment to provide greener, more efficient, innovative technology to support sustainable highway schemes. The company specialise in the provision of proven ITS technology on a mobile temporary basis within roadwork zones and provide advice during the planning and design phases. We integrate real-time, highly accurate road condition information such as journey time, advance queue warning, diversion routing. We provide highly accurate scheme-specific baseline data using our microwave sensors (speed, count, volume, headway, and gap analysis). Mobile VMS collaborate and integrate with industry leaders to provide advance warning of incidents ahead i.e. stopped vehicles, works vehicles exiting at Egress sites and adverse weather conditions. Mobile VMS provide technology-led solutions which will positively reinforce safety and innovation requirements on schemes.
The company has a strategic focus on innovative digital integrations, data provision and supports the delivery programme on major schemes, i.e. smoothing traffic flow, easing driver frustration, increasing road worker safety and providing accurate and innovative reporting mechanisms for the project teams. Recently, traffic data obtained using its microwave sensors was evaluated by Highways England and used to evidence important traffic management decisions within its network. With a strategic focus on R&D, Mobile VMS can offer cutting-edge digital integration, future-proofing roadside communications with autonomous vehicles.