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The Road to Wellbeing is an approach and set of ideals for delivering Occupational health and wellbeing within the Highways Sector, solely aimed at providing board statements under strategic delivery headings which organisations who sign up to the Road to Wellbeing approach can achieve using their own processes and procedures. 

The ideals are taken from the Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index, an existing and pre- recognized set of parameters which many organisations from both within and outside of our industry will already be familiar with. 

However, the overall approach has been expanded to consider not just the wellbeing of the individual, but instead also the overall health of an individual, considers their mental health and their physical health. 

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The aim of the ‘Road to Wellbeing’ programme is not to be prescriptive and determine which, if any pre- existing awareness and training programmes organisations should or should not use. Instead our aim is enable employers to adopt various methods of awareness and training within a specific framework to enable them to develop a cohesive and effective message around health and wellbeing. 

To make this process accessible to all, we will develop a series of bencharking tools which are accessible to all organisations, large and small. 

This will enable them to effectively perform a gap analysis on their own organisations. 

At the same time drawing upon knowledge developed within our peers we will develop a hub to make this learning available to all to ensure continued improvement. 

The principles behind the Road to Wellbeing is to provide tools and resources to support the mental and physical wellbeing of all staff in the Highways Industry, be they an employee of a large organisation or working for a company that may employ less than 10 people. 

Safer Highways is developing and ongoing programme of campaigns and initiatives that can be summarised as Mind, Body, Environment: 

Year 1 – Mind. How can we help everyone at work thrive? – We have created a industrywide survey to help gauge where we stand so we can develop future campaigns and resources to support companies in the future. 

Year 2 – Body. Develop a programme that supports the physical wellbeing of staff. 

Year 3 – Environment. Develop a programme that looks at working environment, occupation health and using work to support the wellbeing of staff. 

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