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WJ Group announces expansion to the USA

We are delighted to announce that the WJ Group, is expanding to the United States with the introduction of WJ Surface Treatments LLC.

Our new venture, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is set to cater to the growing demand for environmentally friendly, high-quality road improvement and maintenance solutions that not only enhance driver safety but also extend the lifespan of the surface.

WJ Surface Treatments LLC will be under the leadership of Glenn Thompson, a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in the transport and highway safety sector. Glenn will be heading a team of extensively trained professionals specialising in friction enhancement and road surface maintenance. Initially, our team will be collaborating with the Department of Transportations across nine southeastern states, including Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida, as well as working with general contractors to enhance road safety, durability, and overall quality. The expansion will introduce innovative, high-quality services to the US, such as Captive Abrasive Friction Enhancement and High Friction Surface Treatments (HFST). Captive Abrasive Friction Enhancement, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution, enhances both the macro and micro texture of the surface by projecting a large volume of small steel shot at the road. This process, also known as shot blasting, increases skid resistance levels and extends the surface life of the highway asset by abrading and reprofiling the aggregate. Following this, any excess bitumen and other detritus are collected by the vehicle. HFST, on the other hand, increases skid resistance by applying a new surface layer that contains superior aggregates. It is primarily used in safety-critical locations to reduce skidding and related accidents by improving braking distances and vehicle control. Such locations can include sharp curves, freeway slip roads, pedestrian walking approaches, or areas where stopping distances could be compromised due to severe weather conditions, high speeds, or long-term road surface wear.

Alongside our highway maintenance and improvement solutions, WJ Surface Treatments will also be offering bridge deck waterproofing solutions. These are designed to maximise the longevity of bridges by protecting them from water damage and mineral ingress. We use a rapid-setting epoxy resin system to protect the structure against freeze-thaw damage and prevent any potential substances from entering cracks, thereby ensuring the integrity of the bridge is maintained.

Glenn Thompson, President & General Manager at WJ Surface Treatments LLC commented:

The surface treatments market in the USA is in a very exciting place. With more states conducting friction testing on their roads, many general contractors and transport bodies will be looking for effective yet cost-efficient and sustainable solutions – something that we can provide. We are very much looking forward to helping ensure drivers in the southeast have the best quality roads at their disposal to increase their safety and comfort.

Wayne Johnston, CEO of WJ Group, said:

Over the last 30 years, we have excelled at working with highway authorities across the UK to maintain high quality roads while also creating innovative and sustainable solutions. This expansion in the USA is a goal that we have strived to achieve for several years so to now be able to offer our growing services to American transport authorities and general contractors is a brilliant achievement.

As well as specialising in sectors such as bridges and highways, WJ Surface Treatments will also be able to support off-highways applications, including aviation, warehouses, factories, and retail.

Wayne Johnston added:

Our new American workforce has been trained by our highly experienced UK team, passing on their knowledge so each Department of Transportation, general contractor, and any other company we work with receives the same fantastic service that UK highway authorities and companies have experienced since 1987. With our new vehicles and materials being sourced from American businesses, we aim to offer the highest quality service to maintain and improve US roads for all users.
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