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Wiltshire Council plans ANPR zones for safer roads

Automatic number plate recognition technology will be used in a council crackdown on traffic offences if new plans are backed.

Wiltshire Council wants to apply for greater powers to help target errant drivers, using the ANPR technology for enforcement.

Driving offences are currently only enforceable by police.

The council has identified six trial sites and has set up a public survey to gauge support.

If the plan is approved, the council will also be able to issue fines to offending drivers.

'No money-making exercise'

Caroline Thomas, cabinet member for transport, said the council was "committed to improving road safety".

"Moving traffic offences put all road users at risk, with pedestrians - particularly those with additional access requirements or limited mobility - especially vulnerable to the dangers when drivers ignore the rules of the road," she said.

"This is not a money-making exercise for us - it's about putting road safety first and our calculations show the technology will cost us money, rather than generate income.

"We're also asking for people to identify other sites with current moving traffic restrictions in place around Wiltshire which they think may be suitable for ANPR-based enforcement in the future."

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