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West Sussex: Pothole workers for council suffer 'unacceptable abuse'

A council has slammed abuse of its road workers as “unacceptable” after a number of incidents were reported.

Staff working on roads for West Sussex County Council said they felt unsafe while working to fill in potholes among other essential repairs.

Now, the council are standing up for their workers and urging members of the public to treat them with more respect.

Councillor Joy Dennis, cabinet member for highways at West Sussex County Council, said: “We are very aware of the issues with the conditions of some of the county’s roads and we have introduced a number of measures to speed up resolution, including the introduction of ‘find & fix’ gangs to offer a proactive approach to repairing potholes.

“Our staff are working hard to resolve these issues and we do not tolerate them receiving abuse for carrying out essential work. “This results in members of staff feeling unsafe and this is why we are asking the public to be kind and to treat our workforce with respect.”

The council added that the teams working are hard-working professionals and urged the public to remember “the people who are being abused are the ones who are trying to solve the problem”.

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