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Welsh Government minister behind 20mph 'hopes' some roads will go back to 30mph

The minister behind Wales' tougher 20mph laws has said he "hopes" some roads will return to 30mph following a review.

Speaking to ITV Wales' Sharp End programme on Monday (29 January) deputy climate change minister Lee Waters explained councils had initially been "very nervous" to keep roads at a higher speed limit but will now be given "encouragement" to do so where suitable.

In his role in the Welsh Government, Mr Waters was instrumental in introducing the controversial law in September last year.

It meant Wales became the first UK nation to decrease the default speed limit to 20mph.

There has been some confusion about which roads it applies to, as well as how it is enforced, with the Welsh Government taking an "education-focused" approach of showing speeding motorists a video on the dangers of driving too quickly.

Mr Waters told Rob Osborne the rule change was "the biggest change to the rules of the road in over a generation," and was "not going to be perfect on day one."

A review is now underway to look at how it has been implemented, as well as its effectiveness so far.

He said Wales' 22 councils had taken "different approaches" to the changing regulations and admitted "there are some problems that we need to iron out."

Mr Waters added: "To be fair to councils, some of these judgements are not black and white."

However, the deputy minister for climate change added: "By and large, people are driving slower."

Sharp End presenter Rob Osborne responded by suggesting it had "never" been a question of people driving slower as they will "obey the law."

The programme also examined abuse faced by politicians. ITV Wales found three quarters of Welsh MSs and MPs who responded felt unsafe as a result of their role.

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