Vinci switches to electric company cars

Vinci Construction UK is now inviting staff to switch to electric company cars as the contractor accelerates its drive towards its target of 40% reduction in carbon emissions.

Over 100 EVs will be delivered to the business by the first quarter of 2021

The firm is offering all staff the transition to zero-carbon transport, wherever possible, and provides an EV option at every grade of company car allowance across the business. Anyone can make the switch provided they can park their new car off-road at their home address for ease of charging and travel less than 25,000 miles each year. Staff at Vinci’s building, facilities management and civil engineering teams are taking first deliveries after huge interest from all parts of the business. Vinci now estimates around 100 EVs will be delivered to the business by the first quarter of 2021. Vehicles range from the Polestar through to a Vauxhall Corsa all-electric models. Julian Gatward, managing director of the Taylor Woodrow civil engineering division, said: “We have made a commitment not just to cut our emissions as a business, but to do so by going electric and not hybrid.

“It’s hard to predict the short-term impact on our CO2 emissions, but if we pursue the strategy across cars and vans, we will make a significant cut over time.” The next step is to target the commercial vehicle fleet, something that Vinci Facilities and the Vinci Fleet department is already researching and investing in. Tony Raikes, managing director of Vinci Facilities said: “A significant proportion of our vans and cars are due for replacement in the next two years. “We have the EV plan for cars in place and now in Vinci Facilities we are looking at options to switch our diesel or petrol vans to EVs in the next three years.”

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