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Transport careers are great for young people, says University of Greenwich expert

The UK needs to see more young people considering careers in engineering and transport, according to a University of Greenwich expert.

Deborah Sims, from the university’s School of Engineering, made the comments as she started her new role as president of the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (CIHT) for 2021/22.

Deborah is a senior lecturer in civil engineering at the university, and a Chartered Engineer with over 25 years’ experience in Road Safety Engineering, Highway Design, Asset Management and Maintenance.

She said: “We recently celebrated International Women in Engineering Day and we must do more to encourage children and young people to think about careers in engineering, highway engineering, and transport. To me it is particularly important that girls and young women consider these careers.

“Careers in highways and transportation are varied, exciting and interesting. To develop solutions which fully meet the needs of the people we serve, we need full representation in our industry from everyone in the community.

“It is a great honour to be elected as President of CIHT, and the last 12 months have shown how important it is to be part of an active community. As a professional body we have a unique responsibility for the development of our members and the reputation of our sector.”

The theme for Deborah’s presidential year is ‘Route to Professionalism’. Over the next year, CIHT will highlight what it means to be a professional and the benefits of embracing continual improvement and enhanced professional ethics.

Deborah will focus on supporting CIHT’s core business over the next few months which will see many new activities and initiatives emerge, including a call for more professionals to sign up as STEM ambassadors and increased support for CIHT members professional development.

CIHT was formed in 1930 and has evolved to become a modern membership organisation representing over 14,000 professionals in Highways and Transportation Engineering through 12 UK Regional and 5 international Committees.

The University of Greenwich is a founder Research and Education Partner of CIHT and has provided the venue for several events in past years including the Learned Society Lecture and presentation of the Better Planning Better Transport Better Places guidance.

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