Traffic volumes down 70% in Italy as a result of coronavirus, says INRIX

INRIX, the location analytics company, has seen traffic volumes reduce by as much as 70% in Italy, one of the countries worst hit by the COVID-19 virus.

INRIX will publish its COVID-19 Traffic Synopsis weekly update every Monday for the foreseeable future to track trends in how the coronavirus is impacting traffic volumes.

It shows that Italy as the first nation to lockdown has now seen all traffic reduce by 65%, with person vehicle travel reducing by 70%.

INRIX data also shows that traffic volumes started to initially drop in the US during March by 5% in a day, something Rick Schuman, INRIX vice president of public sector Americas, said would never usually happen.

He said: “Since then, it has only gotten worse, with national declines topping 30% in the US by March 20.

“Digging a little deeper, so far, the decline in national passenger traffic volume is directly tied to a decline in total trips, with distance-per-trip increasingly slightly from 9.2 miles to 9.4 miles.

“With the reduction in congestion, we are seeing slightly shorter trip times, with 18.5 minutes per trip dropping to 17.8 minutes.”

Schuman said if there is any silver lining to be found, then commercial vehicle traffic is still relatively stable as those self-isolating rely heavily on the logistics industry to keep countries going.

He said: “Local fleets, such as service vehicles and local deliveries, are experiencing a drop nationwide, slightly under 10% through the week.  These commercial traffic trends bear watching.”

Author:  Tom Seymour

Tom Seymour

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