The latest update from Malcolm Dare, Executive Director, Commercial & Procurement at Highways Englan

Malcolm Dare

Executive Director,

Commercial and Procurement

Highways England

I would like to start by thanking you and your teams for your continued work to date in keeping the Strategic Road Network (SRN) operating through this difficult times, especially as we are now entering a second national lockdown following the Prime Minister’s announcement of Saturday 31 10 2020. Based on this I am writing to update you on the Highways England position. 

Highways England will continue to operate in the C-19 compliant way that we have collectively evolved since March because the Prime Minister specifically stated that the construction industry should continue to work. We will not be stopping any activities and I would like all suppliers to support this approach in the same way that you supported Highways England at the start of the pandemic.

Please remember that all activities must be in line with Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedures V6 and Government guidelines and it is essential that we do this in order to keep the SRN operating to support the country, the economy and to maintain cash flow to all tiers of the supply chain.

As usual should you have any questions please use the e-mail address. If you have any queries about media handling of Covid-19-related issues, or others, our Press Office is available to support your communication teams at

Please also keep us fully informed of any challenges that you believe could occur, or you are experiencing, so that we can ensure a coordinated Highways England and supply chain response. Please also continue to work with your normal points of contact within Highways England on a daily basis.

Once again thank you for your help and support in continuing to operate and deliver work on the SRN as we enter the second national lockdown. I look forward to continuing to work with your organisations over the coming weeks.


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