The Jamie Talks..... Loneliness Podcast with Amey

Jamie Forsyth is currently the Lead Ops Controller at Amey and has been open about his personal struggles with bipolar disorder. He is also a MHFA instructor and has now started his own series of podcasts ‘Jamie Talks… with Amey’. These podcasts are a series of open and honest conversations with a variety of inspirational guests, including both expert speakers and Amey employees.

During this podcast they share their personal experiences and discuss the different wellbeing topics that affect us all, as well as shining a light on ways to best manage our physical, mental, financial and social wellbeing.

In the first-ever episode of 'The Jamie Talks.... Podcast with Amey'

Jamie explains what the podcast is all about, how you can get involved and he speak to Andy Nazer about Loneliness.

Andy is the Former Campaign Manager at the Campaign to End Loneliness and an expert in the lived experience of loneliness and social isolation. The discussion is interesting, thought-provoking and in places surprising. Loneliness is a subject that is often misunderstood, and Andy helps explain that there is more to loneliness than meets the eye.

As well as being Amey’s mental health ambassador Jamie also sits on the Safer Highways Mental Health taskforce which aims to change perceptions within the workplace around stigmas associated with Mental Health.

Listen to the podcast here

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