The Highways Common Induction is now available

The new Highways England common induction is now available for anyone who works on a Highways England construction site.

The induction is part of the Highways England passport scheme, where anyone who works on one of our construction sites has a card that can be scanned to show their level of training and skills.

An improved induction for multiple sites The induction takes just one and a half hours to complete, and covers key information from Highways England as well as the common risks faced when working on site. This short online course provides everything you need to stay safe when working on the strategic road network to get you Home Safe and Well.

The induction was tested with some of their supply chain, the feedback has helped to make the course even better and showed what works well:

The common induction covers the key points for every Highways England site for a whole year. There’s no need to spend time taking separate inductions for each supplier. The only additional induction you will need are site specific inductions.

Duncan Elliott, Managing Director at Galliford Try supports the induction and the Highways England passport scheme:

“This latest milestone in the Highways England Passport Scheme is a significant step towards our collective goal of developing of a common structure for inductions. This much needed evolution in the Highways Common Induction process ensures the mutual messages and sector specific risks and hazards are delivered in an effective, consistent and inclusive manner, to a high standard which in turn will help us to reduce duplication within our own site inductions and allow us to focus solely on the site specific messaging. This in turn will lead to greater efficiency, a more engaged and informed workforce and a potential reduction in incidents.”

Signing Up There are two ways of signing up and completing the new Highways England Common Induction Course.

You can do it immediately by registering on their site at then pay using your credit card for as many users as you wish. Once that’s done, it’s just a case of watching the training videos, answering some questions and you’re good to go. Or alternatively for larger companies (over 100 users) you can set up a trade account. For this you just need to call the Powerplus Team on 01482 231733 and they’ll walk you through the process. To set up your trade account normally takes between 1 and two days but you’re then able to be Invoiced with a 30-day month end facility. This alternative also comes with a little management training, so you can see who on your team has done what and when. They have also created a step by step guidance document including FAQ’s to help guide you through the set-up process for your employees which can be downloaded here.

However please remember to sign up and complete the Highways Common Induction, you must first be registered on the passport scheme and have a passport number. Find out more You can find out more about the Highways England passport scheme and the common induction on the Highways Safety Hub or the Highways England website For more information, email

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