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The Big Idea - Finalist in Focus | EHAB Platform

Big Idea live finalist in Focus. - EHAB Platform. The platform which has tools to help address weather and climate risk throughout the lifecycle of your projects.

Weather affects projects in myriad ways. A contractors job is to manage the risk as best as they can to minimise delay, and in so doing maximise delivery. To date contractors have taken a pretty high-level approach to weather risk which may not have worked well, but it hasn't seriously impacted them either. Today the climate crisis is making this risk much more significant and much less predictable, leaving contractors no choice but to address the gaps in their risk management tool kit.

Josh Graham, the CEO of tech start up EHAB said:

" We intend to add value to clients pre-tender, to contractors from bid phase throughout delivery, and even post handover once the asset is active and requiring maintenance. Our long term planning tool takes large datasets, adds climate trend analysis and applies this to your specific location and plan, giving your planners a granular tool to start taking more informed planning decisions.

This is integrated with your existing planning solutions to minimise friction and improve your process. Our short term planning tool blends forecast data into historical data to give your teams on site the best 4 week look ahead possible to plan weather windows and avoid downtime. "

As a part of this year's SHL!ve Safer Highways set a big idea challenge to SME and start up organisations to come up with solutions to challenges we currently face as a sector.

The final will take place in the Galliford Try keynote theatre on the afternoon of the event.

To be held at East Midlands Conference Centre on 29th September 2022. The event will incorporate both Respect our Roadworkers week and The Big Idea, with the live final in the afternoon of the full day programme.

For more information on EHAB Platform please visit their website:

If you're interested in watching EHAB pitch to our dragons at the final, please register for tickets here.

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