Social Distancing Wearable Technology Now Available in the Highways Sector

Boris Johnson has confirmed the government’s position yesterday regarding the easing of the lockdown invoked to disrupt the spread of COVID-19.

He was clear that he wanted to see construction professionals returning to work with immediate effect but on the proviso that we could make our places of work ‘COVID secure’ by maintaining social distancing. DKN Capital has now joined forces with LociLabs to invest time and expertise in developing a new low cost solution that will help us to achieve exactly that.

SafeSpace is a unique social distancing tool that can be worn on the wrist or clipped to a belt and provides an intelligent, proactive social distancing solution, that will help us to get ‘boots back on the ground’ whilst keeping the workforce safe. It does this by providing real-time audible, visual and vibrating alerts when a device identifies another within 2 metres of itself. The device itself is a rechargeable wearable that provides the user with real-time protection for more than 12 hours and is available in 2 variants to suit any workplace environment. Benefits include;

  • Easy to deploy, non-bulky wearable technology

  • Creates a culture of spatial awareness

  • Drives positive behavioural change

  • Protects employees

  • Embraces government protocols

  • Reduces anxiety and improves user well-being

  • Optimises the working environment

Construction giant Amey is one of the ‘early adopters’ of this new technology for its highways, rail and waste collections sectors. James Haluch, Amey’s MD for Transport Infrastructure, who has a reputation for seeking to use technology to improve safety and wellbeing said ‘we are delighted to be exploring the use of this tool as a mechanism to manage and control social distancing in our operations. I believe, alongside our existing engineering and management controls we do need to be exploiting new technology such as SafeSpace to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our people which is a fundamental requirement across the infrastructure sector as we address the hazards being presented by Covid19’.

This is truly a game changer for those clients and providers who are concerned for the safety and welfare of their workforce but are keen to ramp up delivery to meet the challenging opportunities being presented in highway maintenance and construction.

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