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SNC-Lavalin becomes AtkinsRéalis

Canadian consultancy and engineering group SNC-Lavalin Group is rebranding to become AtkinsRéalis. 

All the old brands, including Faithful & Gould, are being swept away as the whole group becomes AtkinsRéalis – “a new name for a new transformed company,” according to the CEO.

SNC-Lavalin was created in 1991 from the merger of Canadian firms SNC and Lavalin. In 2014 it acquired Kentz Corporation and 2017 it acquired WS Atkins of the UK. Today it has 36,000 employees and offices around the world.

Ian Edwards, president and chief executive, said: “In recent years, we have deliberately repositioned the company. We exited those parts of the business that were not profitable or aligned with our strategy; corrected underlying issues affecting our performance; doubled down on high-growth global markets; embraced digital transformation; and most importantly, redefined our purpose and strengthened our culture. We have reached an inflection point so now is the right time to rebrand to AtkinsRéalis and reflect the exciting future ahead of us.”

He said the name AtkinsRéalis combines the Atkins legacy brand and ‘Réalis, inspired by the city of Montréal and the company’s French-Canadian roots. ‘Réalis’ is also supposed to evoke the word ‘realise’, as in ‘make happen’.

As of 13th September 2023, the new name will be used on all communications materials and the Toronto Stock Exchange (new ticker symbol TSX: ATRL). The legal name switch, however, must wait for shareholder approval at next year’s annual general meeting.

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