Skanska to switch all site equipment to vegetable oil power

Skanska is switching to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) to power all its site plant and equipment in its drive to become net-zero carbon by 2045. The high performance fuel Green D+ from Green Biofuels Ltd will be used by the contractor and its supply chain partners as a diesel substitute generating a 90% saving in CO2 emissions.

Skanska is looking in the longer term at electric and hydrogen-powered kit but said “construction machinery requires significant power” meaning “this technology is not currently available at the scale and pace needed for significant construction operations undertaken by Skanska.”

Adam Crossley, Skanska Director of Environment, said: “The shift to Green D+ HVO is something we can do to reduce our emissions today.

“Whilst our ambition is to move to hydrogen or electrification for construction plant as fast as technology allows Green D+ HVO is a major step in the right direction on our journey to net-zero carbon.”

Magnus Hammick, COO of Green Biofuels added: “Skanska UK is the first fully integrated construction and facilities management company to take on Green D+ HVO completely across their business, not just in one vertical.

“We congratulate them on making a difference today by saving CO2e and improving air quality.

“Skanska will be able to monitor the difference they make via our smart tank solution for mapping and controlling energy usage on site, accurately recording their CO2e reductions.”

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