Skanska joins switch to electric company cars

Skanska UK has joined Vinci in the switch over to offering staff electric company cars.

Gregor Craig said switch will save 12,000t of CO2

From 1 December, under the EV First initiative, Skanska will no longer offer pure petrol or diesel vehicles as a benefit to eligible employees.

Instead, fully electric vehicles will be the preferred option for its present fleet of 1500 vehicles, with petrol electric hybrids as an alternative, if more practical for the individual.

“We have heard of many commitments to reducing CO2 emissions in the construction industry over the last year, said Gregor Craig, Skanska UK President and CEO.

“In the longer term there has to be a relentless focus on collaboration between contractors, their customers and the supply chain to make meaningful advances towards reaching our targets.

“However, we have to start turning the talk into action. That means having the determination to begin making things happen now.”

He added: “This is a mindset and practical change that will help us significantly reduce the production of over 12,000 tons of CO2 per year from all our staff travel.

“But it is just one of many steps being taken across Skanska UK to help achieve our target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2045.”

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