Site security and vehicle incursion solution during COVID-19 outbreak

In these current times of having to socially isolate, socially distance and work from home, it is difficult for things to operate as normal but it is necessary to keep society operating until the COVID-19 crisis has lulled.

It is essential that highways and motorways keep running to ensure that hospitals get urgent medical supplies or the public get food delivered. Therefore, site security still needs to be front of mind, as do vehicle incursions on house building and construction sites and on highway maintenance projects; possibly more so now, than ever.  Protect against vehicle incursions One way to ensure that sites are kept secure from vehicle incursions, while using limited man power to manage sites, is to have in operation a vehicle incursion gate, such as the SoSec or Instaboom. SoSec and Instaboom vehicle incursion gates operates via solar power and prevent incursions and the need for site security personnel by having in operation a key code, a fob or an intercom, to allow approved people through. Savings on manpower, costings, and energy The SoSec is a longer-term solution, whereas the Instaboom is a portable, shorter-term solution, which requires a quick charge on a regular basis. Both are much more environmentally friendly than having a mains barrier plugged in for weeks on end.  At a time like this, when there is a need for as little operational staff on the ground as possible, the Instaboom vehicle incursion gate will do the job of keeping a highway worksite secure. Features and options There is an option with the Instaboom for a GS6 Boom – the ideal solution for sites near bridges. The GS6 Boom works by detecting an obstacle up to 6m away at the set height and trigger Instaboom to close, securing the lane from an overhead strike.  Interested to find out more about the SoSec, Instaboom and GS6 Boom?  Highway Care invite you to a lunch and learn, to see our vehicle incursion gates in operation, take part in a Q&A session with our applications and engineer team, plus of course have lunch on us. Register your interest by clicking here and once social isolation/distancing has been lifted we will be in touch to arrange a date. Features of the Instaboom: 

  • Portable vehicle incursion gate

  • Narrow footprint to maximise working width in narrow lanes

  • Deployed quickly by one person for use on highways and construction sites

  • Rental solution on long or short-term basis

Features of SoSec:

  • Long-term vehicle incursion gate rental solution for construction and housing development sites, motorway and highway works, construction depots and holiday sites

  • Solar-powered pedestrian and vehicle access solution

  • Key code or fob operated

  • Intercom option available

Extra options and accessories:

  • Wind turbine (charge from passing vehicles) 

  • Wireless key cod

  • Dial to open

  • Intercom

  • GS6 Boom for laser over-height protection

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