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Shropshire Council selects Multevo in industry first using new LCRIG Innovation Procurement System

The Innovation Procurement System (IPS) has been developed by the Local Council Roads Innovation Group (LCRIG) in partnership with Crown Commercial Service (CCS) – with the aim of increasing the pace of change and giving greater control to LCRIG members to adopt innovation at a lower cost.

This new procurement method enables all LCRIG council members to work compliantly and directly with Multevo, free from any restrictions or market barriers.

Multevo began their journey with the Shropshire back in March 2021, delivering permanent pothole, patch and defect repairs using Multevo’s hand lay Multihog patching teams. In an 18-month period, this new approach to service delivery enabled Shropshire to reduce the number of outstanding defects on the network by 60%, whilst increasing fix-first-time rate to 90%. Their all-encompassing ‘turnkey’ delivery model empowered Multevo to take ownership of all stages of works from pre-site surveys and raising of permits, to full-service delivery onsite including in-house traffic management teams as well as performance monitoring via the Multevo App.

Shropshire Council started their transition towards a mixed economy model for service delivery in September 2021 to deliver value for money for residents and road users. The Council are the first in the UK to trial the IPS, which has provided them with an efficient and simple process for adopting highways innovations directly through an easily accessible, compliant framework, when compared to traditional procurement methods.

Andy Wilde Interim Assistant Director, Shropshire Highways & Transport, comments:

“The contract – ‘Collaborative Innovation for Road Surface Defect Repair’, will see Multevo, Shropshire Council and others work together to deliver cost-effective surface defect repair treatments across the network, with a focus on safety, innovation, net zero and social value. In addition, a key element of the contract is to minimise disruption to residents and road users by reducing the need for permits as a consequence of Multevo’s unique repair methods.”

Multevo are delighted to have been pioneers for this landmark moment within the sector, which will improve the lifecycle of the highways asset through innovative approaches to service delivery, identifying the right treatment at the right time.

Nick Carter, Director at Multevo said:

“Being the first company from the private sector to be successfully appointed using the LCRIG IPS is a real privilege, and we are delighted to be able to continue our valued collaboration with Shropshire Council. The LCRIG IPS has removed traditional barriers for councils to use our services and this in turn enables us to plan and invest for the future with more confidence to give best value to the client.”

Innovation within the sector is developing at a fast pace and the new IPS will ensure LCRIG council members are able to speed up procurement and deliver value for money by working directly with innovative partners like Multevo.

Learn more about Multevo’s Turnkey solution here:

Find out how to access the LCRIG Innovation Procurement System and Multevo’s services here:

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