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SHL!ve | Over 100 Registrations in under 1 week for Premier Lounge Tickets

SHL!ve have announced that this year’s event has seen over 100 registrations for Premier Lounge tickets inside the first week since tickets were released.

To be held at East Midlands Conference Centre on 29th September 2022. The event will incorporate both Respect our Roadworkers week and The Big Idea, with the live final in the afternoon of the full day programme.

With Premier Lounge tickets being the only way to Safer Infrastructure Keynote theatre, co-sponsored by Galliford Try and Balfour Beatty, where speakers will include Nick Harris, CEO of National Highways and our Keynote speaker Big Ian Donaghy, there are now just 50 left on general release.

SH L!ve is made up of indoor and outdoor exhibition zones showcasing the latest innovation, products, concepts and services in the health, safety and wellbeing sector, alongside several unique feature areas that will bring all the latest insight.

Instead of the event solely being around exhibition stands, we envision the programme of the day as an innovation trail of hand selected organisations to demonstrate how we can better the lives of those we put to work every day. Built around a keynote theatre which will feature a number of industry leaders over the day, the event will also include the Balfour Beatty Sustainability Hub as well as the Morgan Sindall Hazard School, delivering the latest training and guidance as well as debate, discussion, technical presentations and case studies-taking interactive learning in the sector to a new level.

It remains the only free to attend industry-wide event targeted at those who are responsible for carrying out works on our public highways safely.

Register Here for Premier Lounge Tickets

SHL!ve will feature the following:

· A unique outdoor innovation trail showcasing the finest in new thinking from across the supply chain.

· Interactive and immersive learning sessions enabling attendees to disseminate best practice throughout their own organisations post event.

· Interactive features and peer to peer learning zones

· Industry leading thought leaders Conducting workshops on how to become a high performance member of a team.

· The Big Idea Final where we're taking brand new concepts and giving them an opportunity to make it a reality.

· Keynote speakers featuring how creating a Positive Workplace Safety Culture and Building Resilience and Overcoming Adversity.

· AND MOST IMPORTANTLY the opportunity to network with peers with the aims of true collaboration, sharing innovation and learning from our peers - ALL FOR FREE.

We're currently working on our brand new website, which will be live by the end of April and will enable you to register for your sessions of the day. However, you can now register for your ticket via our new Insight App which is available download here.

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