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Scottish Government admits infrastructure funding gap

Some major transport projects in Scotland could be abandoned or scaled back because of less money than expected to fund major infrastructure improvements.

The BBC reports that spending on roads faces delay or cancellation under plans currently being drawn up.

Funding for major projects running to the end of the decade is no longer being confirmed.

The report says the shortfall in funds was set out in a “targeted capital review” that was published last week.

The Scottish government capital spending review document puts some of the blame for the changes on allocations of capital funds by the Treasury in its spending review published last autumn. These are 5% lower than the Scottish government expected.

The report says that could have an impact on upgrading of the A9 between Inverness and Perth, the A96 between Aberdeen and Inverness, and the A75 linking Dumfries with Stranraer.

The BBC quotes Finance Secretary Kate Forbes as saying, “It will not be possible to meet all of our commitments within the funding available.”

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