Safer Highways Welcomes D.tec International into Membership

Safer Highways, the leading industry-wide body which champions Health, Safety and Wellbeing welcome into membership another new organisation in D.tec International

Building upon its already strong base amongst tier 1 and 2 contractors the industry wide movement, which drives effective innovation around health, safety and wellbeing amongst the supply chain Safer Highways now continues to see unprecedented engagement with more organisations seeing a value to becoming a part of the conversation.

As membership continues to grow at an exponential rate of 5 organisations inside each of the last four months, Safer Highways CEO Kevin Robinson said, "The last six months have been incredibly testing for organisations within our sector, both large and small. "Throughout this time our mission has been to provide the sector with the most accurate information and allow them to make decisions based upon truth and real factual information.

"I feel that has been a real factor in our growth over the last few months and from a personal perspective I am extremely proud of the role we have played during the global pandemic."

The latest new organisation to join our collective are D.tec International, speaking about their decision to join Safer Highways Ean Lewin MD at D.tec International Ltd said “D.tec are thrilled to kickstart 2021 by becoming a member of the prestigious Safer Highways community, we look forward to combining our efforts towards achieving our common goal; reducing risk for those working on our highways.

Our aim is to educate organisations on the growing use of drugs within their workforce. No company is immune to the problem with drug use statistics at an all-time high. Sadly the problem is growing in scale year on year and D.tec have been working to raise the profile for many years. Last year Merseyside Police reported that 50% of the 2,000 drug drivers they caught (this figure surpassed drink drive arrest numbers) where reported to either be driving for work or those who drove for work in some way.

Working with Safer Highways and other safety conscious organisations and bodies we hope to greatly reduce the risk to highway workers and the wider public by taking many tens of thousands of drug drivers of our roads, ultimately saving lives.”

Agreeing with Ean, Nicola Green, Sales and Marketing at D.tec said,

We were initially prompted to get in touch with Kevin at Safer Highways after seeing the great work they were doing on the “Stamp it Out” campaign. “We were staggered at some of the statistics around roadworker abuse and thought the campaign showed a real desire to change conditions for the highway workforce. We are excited to work alongside Kevin and the team this year.

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