Safer Highways launches multi media experiential platform with Edition Eleven of SH Magazine

Continuing its burgeoning reputation for always pushing the boundaries of what is possible, Safer Highways, have again scored an industry first with the launch of edition 11 of SH Magazine - a Mental Health Awareness Week special.

The quarterly publication which has a readership of over 200,000 people has now taken the bold step of going from a flat two dimensional downloadable pdf document to a fully interactive multimedia platform featuring animation, video and much more.

Speaking about the launch of the publication Kevin Robinson, CEO of Safer Highways said,

“In three years since we launched our flat two-dimensional magazine with a loyal readership the journey has been incredible. We have grown our downloads from just over 32,000 for the inaugural edition to in excess of 200,000 for the last one.

“This comes from nothing more than the dedication of the team behind it to source the best content and from our industry giving us quality stories which are of interest to our readers.

“Building upon its burgeoning reputation and becoming the must-read magazine for anyone with an affiliation to Health and Safety in our sector, i am proud that SH Magazine also embodies the true spirit of the organisation it represents in that it is always looking for new ways to engage and really push the boundaries of what is possible.”

In this edition, produced especially for Mental Health Awareness Week, we feature a series of interviews with well known household names and industry figures about their own struggles with mental health and how they cope.

In our cover story, Sabrina Barr talks to Fearne Cotton about how panic attacks have affected her life, while Clarke Carlisle explains how a simple act of human kindness probably prevented him taking his own life and radio star Roman kemp talks about being trapped by depression and his struggles after a close friend took his own life.

Packed with 30 pages of enthralling multimedia content, the edition also features a True Stories video by Professor Green where he talks openly about the suicide of his father

Designed and produced by SO Publications the magazine is now available to view in either desktop or mobile format by clicking here

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