Edition 8 of SH Magazine now available to download

Safer Highways is delighted to announce that the latest edition of our award-winning Magazine is now.

It is an exciting time for highways on both the high and low speed networks across both England and Scotland. We have seen over the last three months the Highways England RIS 2 plan come into place along with Transport Scotland’s ambition to eliminate road deaths by 2050.

Internally Safer Highways have launched our Thriving at Work Mental Health Survey. We also have exciting plans for a new way of delivering our new Mental Health Report Launch and we’ve seen unprecedented interest in our ‘Stamp It Out!’ programme aimed to eliminate road worker abuse and its ambition to change attitudes and legislation around the subject.

I would like to thank our contributors of this magazine in particular, Jim O’Sullivan for taking the time to have an exclusive one to one chat with us as he nears the end of his tenure with Highways England and James Haulch for speaking so passionately around the subject of incursions and IPV strikes.

Whilst the shadow of COVID-19 still looms over us it is refreshing to see an almost war time spirit from our sector which refuses to admit defeat in its quest to improve safety of both road workers and road users. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading the magazine and many thanks for your continued support.

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