Safer Highways chooses One Percent Safer as second nominated charity

Safer Highways today announced that it has chosen the One Percent Safer Foundation as a nominated charity for 2021. The Safer Highways movement, which brings together road building and maintenance companies, highways services providers and safety bodies to raise standards of protection for those who use and work on the UK’s roads, will channel a proportion of the money from its fund-raising activities this year to the start-up safety charity. The One Percent Safer Foundation was established in 2020 to promote the aims of the One Percent Safer movement, which aims to inspire and support health and safety practitioners and organisations to cut the worldwide work fatality rate. By creating a global platform for sharing ideas and the results of successful health and safety innovations, the movement’s ambitious goal is to reduce the yearly estimated toll by one percent, saving 28,000 lives a year. “This is about making incremental gains today through achievable improvements to health and safety in the workplace,” said Dr Andrew Sharman, Chair of Trustees at the One Percent Foundation. “Together, step by step, we can make a huge difference." The foundation will also oversee the distribution of funds to those in the health and safety profession disadvantaged by the Covid-19 crisis. These funds include profits from the One Percent Safer book, published in September 2020, which included contributions from 142 global safety leaders and thinkers. As a nominated charity of Safer Highways, One Percent will join the Lighthouse Trust, which supports rehabilitation and retraining for injured construction workers. Kevin Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of Safer Highways, said: “In the face of adversity there is always a shining light which emerges and during Covid-19 it had been the 1% Safer Foundation. Much like our other charity partner The Lighthouse Trust we firmly believe that anything we can do to make our industry safer for those we put to work should be applauded." Dr Sharman said: “We are so proud to be picked by Safer Highways as one of its designated causes and the money they raise for One Percent will go directly to benefit health and safety professionals who need support because of the pandemic’s economic fallout.”

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