Safer Highways announces training provider for STAMP IT OUT conflict management training

Safer Highways announce the preffered supplier for conflict management training to be delivered as part 0of STAMP IT OUT programme.

Safer Highways have announced that Maybo Training have been chosen as its preferred supplier for its conflict management element of the devolved government backed STAMP IT OUT programme.

Designed to eliminate roadworker abuse, the programme aims to tackle the issue utilising a multi-strand approach.

Key to this is equipping our workforce with the soft-skills needed to defuse potential situations on site whilst interfacing with the customer (road using public).

In order to do so STAMP IT OUT have committed to train no fewer than 100 trainers over the course of the upcoming 5 years in conflict management techniques, with the ambitious aim that those trainers not only distil skills within their own organisation, but also cascade it throughout their supply chains.

Freya Wells, Business manager for Safer Highways and one of the project leads on the programme explained,

“STAMP IT OUT is not only a campaign to create culture where abusing those who work on the public highway is socially unacceptable but also a programme where we equip our people with the skills to defuse what could result in flash point situation and in a worst case scenario end in physical harm to an operative.

“From the outset it was obvious that the only way to do this was to utilise a cascade effect from the top of the supply chain and having had numerous conversations it became obvious that the approach of Maybo was the most logical one.

“In order to do so we had to look for the most effective way of reaching the maximum amount of people in the most effective manner and Maybo’s approach of a train the trainer programme fitted with our approach.

“I am grateful to our membership for embracing a fully inclusive approach to how we deliver the training through the deployment of trainers who can affect real change in a short period of time.”

The training will be delivered via a series of free face to face “Train the Trainer’ courses open to all Safer Highways members with the only ask being that all trainers give a minimum of 5 days per year to deliver their knowledge to their supply chain.

The programme, delivered with the full support of both the Department for Transport and Transport Scotland, will form part of a multi strand approach which will include:

· A free to access reporting app for the whole of industry – featuring an open API ensuring it is compatible with existing reporting systems

· A unified categorisation of how we report incidents across all client bodies

· A national campaign in conjunction with a leading media organisation aimed at educating the road using public and creating an atmosphere where abuse of a roadworker is socially unacceptable.

Speaking about the announcement and the progression of the STAMP IT OUT programme, Joe Docherty, Vice Chairman of Safer Highways expressed his delight by saying,

“Roadworker abuse has been the blight of our industry for many years, and despite being unacceptable, is perceived by those we put to work as a part of the job.

“This should not be the case and as such I am proud to see Safer Highways and both the Department for Transport and Transport Scotland now taking the issue seriously.

“Safer Highways as an organisation have always made the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of those we put to work a priority and as such the developments and progress we are making with STAMP IT OUT are a key part of that.”

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