RSTA to get the Gaist treatment

Highway technology company Gaist has joined the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) with the aim of sharing knowledge and optimising road maintenance solutions.

Gaist has developed a detailed and auditable highways surveying and mapping system that provides an accurate detailed map layout of the whole roadscape – including full and part detailed network condition maps.

It provides data on carriageway and footway condition, bridges, lighting columns, utilities, drainage, other ironworks, road markings and other infrastructure assets.

The company said its ongoing research means its surveying and mapping systems are some of the most advanced of their kind, in the UK and overseas.

Steve Cobb, Gaist head of business development, said: ‘We already have a good working relationship with the RSTA through our work with the Local Council Roads Innovation Group and partner local authorities and welcome the opportunity of becoming a member in order to share knowledge that can further develop the potential of road mapping for effective road maintenance and management.’

RSTA chief executive Paul Boss said: ‘Gaist is a good fit to the RSTA membership. The company’s focus on how research and innovation can result in optimum road network solutions echoes the ethos of ourselves and of our membership. We look forward to their input to the RSTA as it seeks to raise awareness of how best to maintain the road network.’

The RSTA’s membership covers the whole supply chain and includes large national and regional contracting companies, local authority direct labour services organisations, materials and equipment suppliers, test houses and consultants.

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