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Ringway receives UK’s first zero emission 7.2t commercial vehicle

Ringway, a specialist highway services company, has received delivery of the UK’s first fully electric 7.2 tonne IVECO Daily cage tipper for its Hounslow Highways contract.

Guest Truck and Van supplied the specially adapted commercial vehicle which is the first of its type within the UK, and will allow for more sustainable ways of working on site. Ringway commissioned a full conversion of this vehicle, which normally comes from the factory with a standard EURO-6 diesel engine. This has been fully replaced with a zero-emission all electric drive train - which means better air quality, safer working, and quieter operations in Hounslow.

This innovative and purpose-built Iveco 7.2 Tonne chassis cab was fitted by Mackworth Conversion in Derby with a custom designed, light weight Mackworth electro-hydraulically operated caged tipper body and tail lift for street cleansing operations in Hounslow.

Conversion from diesel was completed in the UK by Astra Vehicle Technologies Limited and features a 115kWh energy storage system and 150kW/1250Nm electric drive motor. With around 3.3 Tonne of payload, up to 50MPH road speed and a drive range of almost 188 miles, this unique offering is ideal for the urban utility vehicle sector and progress towards our ambitious EV strategy and zero-emission vehicle targets. This specialist conversion represents a significant investment compared to the standard fossil fuel drivetrain; over three times the capital cost, but this will increasingly be the future to meet our UK carbon targets for 2030, 2035 and 2050.

Rob Spittle, Managing Director at Guest Truck and Van said: "We are working with clients across the board to provide them with the fleet solutions they need to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

"This is a perfect example of our team going the extra mile to create a unique, bespoke solution and ensuring that this is delivered.

"We hope this is the first of many conversions of its kind, not just for highways companies but a wide variety of operators using five- to seven-tonne vehicles."

By adopting sustainable environmental practices across operations, Ringway is on track to achieve their ambitious direct carbon reduction targets by 2030. While this is one pilot vehicle, it is part of a wide-ranging Environmental strategy and is part of an ongoing significant investment towards creating a fleet greener, and more sustainable ways of delivering services across all its operations by 2030.

Mike Notman, Ringway MD, commented; “Investing in electric and low carbon fleet, like this very special 7.2t Iveco Daily, is helping us to make real changes to the carbon impacts of our operations for our local and strategic highway Authority clients. As we continue to work with key suppliers and chosen fleet & plant manufacturers, we are starting to change the tide in what is possible. This vehicle will start to push the range and capacity of what is achievable in a greener fleet and we know that manufacturers will increasing offer zero emission as the standard in the coming years.”

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