Reduce accidents and revolutionise site safety with Connected Safety Net

Developed to support workplace safety and reduce accidents, the Connected Safety Net is a digital platform that automates data collection, auditing, risk assessments and documentation processes, eliminating time consuming manual tasks

Connected Safety Net enables live incident capture & push notifications, speech to text & digital forms to provide the perfect opportunity to automate processes.

“The Connected Safety Net digital platform has been developed to support the desire to make our workplace safe and secure. By automating processes digitally and eliminating manual tasks will create opportunity to invest management time and effort into prevention rather than manual administrative tasks. For example a typical employer liability claim requires over 300 paper forms to complete the end to end defence of a claim.

“Connected Safety Net enables live incident capture & push notifications, speech to text & digital forms that provides a perfect opportunity to automate processes.

“The connected Safety Net solution will give back up to 60% of management time. Additionally the solution provides annual audits, monthly audits, safety tours & risk assessments.

We discussed the digital platform with Paul Richardson, CEO of Connected Safety Net:

Who is it designed to help?

“The connected Safety Net solution will support employees working in a safer environment as management time will be more focused on prevention rather then administrative processes.

“Business managers will have live data to assess risk and direct appropriate resources and actions to where there are most needed.”

How long did it take to develop the App?

“The connected Safety Net solution has been well researched over the last three years, the app is very intuitive and will help provide quick and easy management of safety tasks.”

What’s your background and why did you decide to develop the App?

“I am excited to be leading the opportunity of Connected Safety Net that will provide many businesses a real opportunity to transform.

“My experience working for a large global supply chain organisation has enabled me to understand the complexities and challenges safety management presents to business.

“The experience I bring to this opportunity includes leading complexed operational business units as managing director for the last 24 years this also includes the last three years as chief innovation officer developing transformational solutions that change the way we do business.”

Is the App currently being used by companies in the sector and what type of results are they achieving?

“The app has been primarily developed for the logistics and supply chain industry, however the product has been designed to be agile and perfect for any business sector.”


Companies in all sectors rightly put safety first, so how will the App help them to meet their objectives?

“Using Connected Safety Net businesses will have an incredible opportunity to transform safety processes by making this an integral part of daily life and giving everybody transparency of what business is doing proactively to ensure we achieve a zero incident and accident environment.”

Is there anything else you would like to add?

“I feel incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to lead such an important opportunity and look forward to engaging businesses that see the benefit of what digitalising safety could deliver.”

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